Joerns Bari10A Bariatric Hospital Bed (Option 1C)


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Includes: Foam Mattress
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Bariatric  Hospital Beds.

Joerns Healthcare is pleased to introduce the newly enhanced Bari10A! One of the first bariatric beds in
North America to comply with the latest international safety regulation IEC/EN 60601-2-52 leading
in safety and reliability. Our revolutionary bariatric bed system elevates patient comfort and enables efficient
transfer with ease. With a safe working load of 1050 lbs, the Bari10A features:
The Bari10A extends the dimension of safety in and around the
bedside by satisfying requirements for the basic safety and
essential performance of hospital beds for adults.
Side Rails
Ergonomic Hand Pendant
Staff Controls
Integrated Scale
Width/Length Retractability
Expand the frame from 36″ wide to 48″ wide easily and safely without tools! The length can be expanded
from 80″ to 88″, allowing easy transfer through hallways and doors.
Ergonomically designed controls for the caregiver with an upward angled face, the staff control contains
function lockouts and backlit controls.
Powered by battery back up in the event of a power failure, the user friendly scale is used to efficiently
monitor patient weight.
With one-handed release, the side rails are designed to easily fold down for patient access while
maintaining a safe floor gap to prevent foot injury, even in the low position.
Durable long-lasting design and intuitive layout with high contrast buttons, the pendant’s hanging clip
allows it to be placed in the desired location at the bedside

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