Hill-Rom TotalCare P1840 Bariatric Plus ICU Bed (Option 1B)


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Condition: Refurbished.
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Includes: Air Mattress, Rotation, Vibration, Percussion, Low air loss, Scale
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Bariatric  Hospital Beds.

The TotalCare P1840 Therapy Bed helps caregivers treat patient complications by supporting early mobility strategies in ICU patients. Technology specifically designed to drive evidence based protocol compliance guides caregivers and patients through scientifically acknowledged steps of verticalization and early mobility.

Refurbished bariatric hospital beds Features

  • Refurbished bariatric hospital beds has continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy
  • Percussion and Vibration Therapy, including postural setting options
  • Weight based pressure redistribution in any bed position
  • Advanced Microclimate Management technology
  • Point-Of-Care® siderail controls with Graphical Caregiver Interface feature (GCI®).
  • Refurbished bariatric hospital beds Digital Head of bed angle indicator and alarm
  • 3 mode bed exit sensor with alarm silence and alarm suspend modes
  • FullChair® and chair egress with stand assist
  • One-button Boost® patient repositioning support
  • Turn assist
  • Optional powered transport
  • Electrical bed retraction and extension
  • HandsFree™ emergency CPR and Trendelenburg
  • History data on patient weight, head of bed elevation, chair position, and pulmonary therapies
  • Therapy reminders
  • Safety stop and alarm for pulmonary therapies when side rails are down
  • Protect patients and caregivers
    • 40” pressure redistribution air surface automatically adjusts to patient’s weight, body type, movement and bed position to help treat and prevent pressure ulcers
    • Advanced Microclimate® technology helps reduce accumulation of heat and moisture at the surface, keeping patient’s skin cool and dry
    • Turn assist helps make it easier to perform linen changes and wound checks
    • Bed exit helps supports fall prevention protocols
  • Point-of-Care® siderail controls
  • Color touch screen Graphic Caregiver Interface (GCI)
  • Head-of-Bed alarms (30°/45°)
  • Head and Trendelenburg angle indicators

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